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Have I been in the wars?

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Birthdate:May 3
Hi. I'm River. I'm fourteen years old and am a member of a plural group. If you don't know what that is, you can ask. If you want to tell us that we need to integrate you can go away.

I am the only person who will be using this journal. Does that mean I'm the host? Absolutely not. Just means that this is my personal journal. If you're looking for the system journal it's [personal profile] not_a_sniglet

I am a rather private person. I'm relatively shy around people I don't know well or that aren't listed in common memory as being friendly. I'm fiercely loyal, fiercely protective and if you hurt people in this system or one of my friends on purpose you may expect me to stand up for them. Also, if you hurt people who are not as strong as you are then you may expect me to stand up for them.

Generally I am not talkative. I am also working through issues from where I was before I came here. Expect there will be posts of that nature here although not graphic ones and if I make posts like that I cut them because I know everybody is bothered by different things.

Oh and before I forget:

I am a River Tam. Not the River Tam, not the only River Tam anyhow. The multiverse is infinite. Therefore, I'm not the canon River. Want to know differences? Just ask me. I'll explain.

Don't know what fictive system members are? Um go look at Astraeasweb's Glossary

Interests (27):

abnormal psychology, being free, being here, black-and-white, brainfood, cats, children, chilli-cheese fritos, coffee, dark colours, dreaming, family, friendship, i am not insane, learning new things, maths, multiples, not an angry bitch, not bad fanfic, not fandom, not fandom pairings, plurals, reading, reading really long books, stompy boots, travelling, writing
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